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Lloyd Holman lholman

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choco install visualstudiocode
choco install pester
choco install poshgit
choco install keepass

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View Disable Hyper-V without uninstall
bcdedit /set hypervisorlaunchtype off
#bcdedit /set hypervisorlaunchtype auto
View gist:4121d852581557a863bb
$dscProcessID = Get-WmiObject msft_providers | Where-Object {$_.provider -like 'dsccore'} | Select-Object -ExpandProperty HostProcessIdentifier
Get-Process -Id $dscProcessID | Stop-Process
Get-WmiObject msft_providers | Select-Object -Property Provider, HostProcessIdentifier
#Often we see that the Provider 'WMIEventProv' is left locking files too
lholman / getAllFilesByExtensionAndPathName.ps1
Last active Sep 17, 2015
View getAllFilesByExtensionAndPathName.ps1
Get-ChildItem -path "C:\Development" -Filter "*.xslt" -Recurse | Where { $_.FullName -like "*Mainline*Environment*"} | ForEach-Object {Start notepad++ $_.FullName}
View compareServerTimes.ps1
#Taken from original article here:
#Compare time on two servers using TimeSpan
new-timespan -Start (icm {get-date}) -end (icm {get-date})
#Compare time on two servers using invoke-command
invoke-command -ComputerName192.168.1.1 -ScriptBlock {get-date} | Format-List * ; invoke-command -ComputerName -ScriptBlock {get-date} | Format-List *
View gist:b2e66adecbe397dd7397
Get-ChildItem -path D:\TeamCity\system\artifacts -Filter "bla*" | Where {$_.PSIsContainer -eq $true} | ForEach-Object {$_.FullName} | Get-FolderSize
lholman / installJekyllOnWindows.ps1
Last active Aug 29, 2015
View installJekyllOnWindows.ps1
#Original instructions courtesy of 'Run Jekyll on Windows' and
#Install Ruby and Ruby.DevKit using BoxStarter and Chocolatey
#Config Ruby and Ruby.DevKit
cd c:\tools\DevKit
ruby dk.rb init
Add-Content .\config.yml "`n- C:/tools/DevKit"
runy dk.rb install
lholman / developerWindowsBoxStarterScript.txt
Last active Jul 27, 2017
Developer Windows BoxStarter Script
View developerWindowsBoxStarterScript.txt
choco install git
choco install visualstudiocode
choco install pester
choco install poshgit
choco install googlechrome
choco install powershell