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On vacation

Mike Hongshuai Luo lhsfcboy

On vacation
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View How to run Tmux in GIT Bash on Windows.txt
I did a little research and have found that GIT Bash uses MINGW compilation of GNU tools.
It uses only selected ones.
You can install the whole distribution of the tools from
and run a command to install Tmux. And then copy some files to installation folder of Git.
This is what you do:
Install before-mentioned msys2 package and run bash shell
Install tmux using the following command: pacman -S tmux
Go to msys2 directory, in my case it is C:\msys64\usr\bin
#! python
from bs4 import BeautifulSoup
import requests
target_urls = {
lhsfcboy /
Created Jan 29, 2018
读取log文件并过滤, 之后发布到slack频道里
tail -n0 -F logs/lastest.log | grep --line-buffered INFO| xargs -I @ curl -s \ \
-H 'Content-type: application/json' \
--data '{"username":"curl", "text":"@"}'
lhsfcboy /
Created Jan 16, 2018
python中的枚举类型, 有待整理
from enum import Enum, unique
class Side(Enum):
Buy = 0
Sell = 1
class OrderType(Enum):
Market = 0
Limit = 1
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Last active Jan 16, 2018
def lookahead(iterable):
"""Pass through all values from the given iterable, augmented by the
information if there are more values to come after the current one
(True), or if it is the last value (False).
# Get an iterator and pull the first value.
it = iter(iterable)
last = next(it)
# Run the iterator to exhaustion (starting from the second value).
for val in it:
lhsfcboy /
Last active Dec 24, 2017
Get timestamp from python
import time;
ts = time.time()
# 1514116641.1691682
# 小数点后七位,也就是100ns
import datetime;
ts =
# 1514116641.171174
lhsfcboy /
Last active Sep 15, 2017
quick demo of itchat
import itchat
itchat.auto_login(enableCmdQR = 2,hotReload = True)
itchat.send('Hello, filehelper', toUserName='filehelper')
lhsfcboy /
Created Aug 25, 2017
Google Script check duplication item
function onOpen() {
var sheet = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSpreadsheet();
var entries = [{name : "Check Duplicates",functionName : "checkDuplicates"}];
sheet.addMenu("Scripts", entries);
function checkDuplicates() {
var sheet = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSheet();
//var dataRange = sheet.getDataRange();
var dataRange = sheet.getRange("A:A"); // Set Any Range
lhsfcboy /
Last active Aug 25, 2017
Google Script of Hash
function SHA256_BIN(input){
var binstr = '';
var digest = Utilities.computeDigest(Utilities.DigestAlgorithm.SHA_256, input);
for (i = 0; i < digest.length; i++) {
var val = (digest[i]+256) % 256;
var hexstring= ('0'+val.toString(16)).slice(-2);
var bytestring = Number('0x' + hexstring).toString(2);
padded_bytestring=String("00000000" + bytestring).slice(-8); // returns 00123
binstr += padded_bytestring;
lhsfcboy / clean_git_history
Last active Aug 21, 2017
Clean up git history
View clean_git_history
# without submodule
-- Remove the history from
rm -rf .git
-- recreate the repos from the current content only
git init
git add .
git commit -m "Initial commit"
-- push to the github remote repos ensuring you overwrite history