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df_add_ex['address_std'] = df_add_ex['address'].str.lower()
df_add_ex['address_std'] = df_add_ex['address_std'].str.strip() # remove leading and trailing whitespace.
df_add_ex['address_std'] = df_add_ex['address_std'].str.replace('\\.', '') # remove period.
df_add_ex['address_std'] = df_add_ex['address_std'].str.replace('\\bstreet\\b', 'st') # replace street with st.
df_add_ex['address_std'] = df_add_ex['address_std'].str.replace('\\bapartment\\b', 'apt') # replace apartment with apt.
df_add_ex['address_std'] = df_add_ex['address_std'].str.replace('\\bav\\b', 'ave') # replace apartment with apt.
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