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Working from home

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Working from home
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licentiapoetica / gist:bcb89e222ceae1f866d7cba09fb32180
Created October 9, 2021 18:52
DNS over TLS using PiHole on a remote server
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# DNS over TLS using PiHole on a remote server
This project is something I wanted to realize for a long time, ever since I became more privacy concious I had the urge to degoogle all my devices and so there was no way around degoogling my `One Plus 6T`
The rom of choice was `LineageOS 17.1 official` and since I don't think it's a good idea to root a mobile device without actually needing it I was wondering how to get my PiHole working on my Android.
There are actually 3 ways that I know of that do **NOT** require root access
1. There are several apps that make use of the VPN interface for Android to change the DNS server so you can use a modified hosts list and block ads. For example: [personalDNSfilter on F-Droid]( or [AdAway on F-Droid](
<small>**With this solution you cannot have another VPN connection active!**</small>