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Created June 21, 2009 17:48
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;; Chi-square goodness-of-fit analysis of 2009 Iranian election and Benford's law
(use '(incanter core stats charts io))
(def votes (read-dataset "data/iran_election_2009.csv"
:header true))
(view votes)
(def regions (sel votes :cols "Region"))
(def ahmadinejad-votes (sel votes :cols "Ahmadinejad"))
(def mousavi-votes (sel votes :cols "Mousavi"))
(def rezai-votes (sel votes :cols "Rezai"))
(def karrubi-votes (sel votes :cols "Karrubi"))
(defn first-digit [x]
(Character/digit (first (str x)) 10))
(def ahmadinejad (map first-digit ahmadinejad-votes))
(def mousavi (map first-digit mousavi-votes))
(def rezai (map first-digit rezai-votes))
(def karrubi (map first-digit karrubi-votes))
;; define function for Benford's law
(defn benford-law [d] (log10 (plus 1 (div d))))
;; calculate the probabilities for digits 1-9
(def benford-probs (benford-law (range 1 11)))
;; calculate the expected frequencies for the 30 regions
(def benford-freq (mult benford-probs (count regions)))
(defn get-counts [digits]
(map #(get (:counts (tabulate digits)) % 0)
(range 1.0 10.0 1.0)))
(doto (xy-plot (range 1 10) (get-counts ahmadinejad)
:legend true :series-label "Ahmadinejad"
:y-label "First digit frequency"
:x-label "First digit"
:title "First digit frequency by candidate")
(add-lines (range 1 10) (get-counts mousavi)
:series-label "Mousavi")
(add-lines (range 1 10) benford-freq
:series-label "Predicted")
;(add-lines (range 1 10) (get-counts rezai) :series-label "Rezai")
;(add-lines (range 1 10) (get-counts karrubi) :series-label "Karrubi")
(def ahmadinejad-test
(chisq-test :table (get-counts ahmadinejad)
:probs benford-probs))
(:X-sq ahmadinejad-test) ;; 5.439
(:p-value ahmadinejad-test) ;; 0.7098
(def mousavi-test
(chisq-test :table (get-counts mousavi)
:probs benford-probs))
(:X-sq mousavi-test) ;; 5.775
(:p-value mousavi-test) ;; 0.672
(def rezai-test
(chisq-test :table (get-counts rezai)
:probs benford-probs))
(:X-sq rezai-test) ;; 12.834
(:p-value rezai-test) ;; 0.118
(def karrubi-test
(chisq-test :table (get-counts karrubi)
:probs benford-probs))
(:X-sq karrubi-test) ;; 8.8696
(:p-value karrubi-test) ;; 0.353
;; now compare the distribution of the last digit, it should be uniform
;; based on Washington Post article:
(defn last-digit [x]
(Character/digit (last (str x)) 10))
(def ahmadinejad-last (map last-digit
(def mousavi-last (map last-digit
(def rezai-last (map last-digit
(def karrubi-last (map last-digit
(defn get-counts [digits]
(map #(get (:counts (tabulate digits)) % 0)
(range 0.0 10.0 1.0)))
(doto (xy-plot (range 10)
(get-counts ahmadinejad-last)
:legend true
:series-label "Ahmadinejad"
:y-label "First digit frequency"
:x-label "First digit"
:title "Last digit frequency by candidate")
(add-lines (range 10) (get-counts mousavi-last)
:series-label "Mousavi")
(add-lines (range 10) (get-counts rezai-last)
:series-label "Rezai")
(add-lines (range 10) (get-counts karrubi-last)
:series-label "Karrubi")
(def ahmadinejad-test
(chisq-test :table (get-counts ahmadinejad-last)))
(:X-sq ahmadinejad-test) ;; 4.667
(:p-value ahmadinejad-test) ;; 0.862
(def mousavi-test
(chisq-test :table (get-counts mousavi-last)))
(:X-sq mousavi-test) ;; 8.667
(:p-value mousavi-test) ;; 0.469
(def rezai-test
(chisq-test :table (get-counts rezai-last)))
(:X-sq rezai-test) ;; 15.333
(:p-value rezai-test) ;; 0.0822
(def karrubi-test
(chisq-test :table (get-counts karrubi-last)))
(:X-sq karrubi-test) ;; 4.0
(:p-value karrubi-test) ;; 0.911
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