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Created January 3, 2010 20:24
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;; Basic dataset usage
(use '(incanter core stats charts io))
;; load a dataset from a URL pointing to the data.
(def data
:header true))
;; the dataset could have been loaded with the incanter.datasets/get-dataset function
(use 'incanter.datasets)
(incanter.datasets/get-dataset :cars)
;; view the dimensions of the dataset
(dim data)
;; view the column names
(col-names data)
(with-data (get-dataset :cars)
(view (conj-cols (range (nrow $data)) $data)))
;; plot a scatter plot of speed vs. distance and add a regression line
(with-data data
(def lm (linear-model ($ :dist) ($ :speed)))
(doto (scatter-plot ($ :speed) ($ :dist))
(add-lines ($ :speed) (:fitted lm))
;; create a new dataset that includes the orig data and the
;; fitted values from the liner-model function
(def results (conj-cols data (:fitted lm)))
;; give the new dataset meaningful column names
(def results (col-names data [:speed :dist :predicted-dist]))
;; do both steps at once with the -> macro, and also add the residuals to the new dataset
(def results (-> (conj-cols data (:fitted lm) (:residuals lm))
(col-names [:speed :dist :predicted :residuals])))
;; now use the $where function
($where {:speed 10} results)
($where {:speed {:$gt 10 :$lt 20}} results)
($where {:speed {:$in #{4 7 24 25}}} results)
($where {:speed {:$nin #{4 7 24 25}}} results)
(with-data results
(mean ($ :speed ($where {:residuals {:$gt -10 :$lt 10}}))))
(with-data results
(conj-rows ($where {:speed {:$lt 10}})
($where {:speed {:$gt 20}})))
(with-data results
($where (fn [row] (or (< (:speed row) 10)
(> (:speed row) 20)))))
;; Now let's use MongoDB
(use 'somnium.congomongo)
(use 'incanter.mongodb)
;; connect to a MongoDB server running on the localhost on the default port.
(mongo! :db "mydb")
(insert-dataset :breaking-dists results)
(def breaking-dists (fetch-dataset :breaking-dists))
(col-names breaking-dists)
(view breaking-dists)
(insert-dataset :breaking-dists breaking-dists)
(view (fetch-dataset :breaking-dists))
;; use fetch-dataset's :where option to retrieve only the
;; rows where the speed is between 10 and 20 mph, and
;; then calculate the mean breaking distance.
(with-data (fetch-dataset :breaking-dists
:where {:speed {:$gt 10 :$lt 20}})
(mean ($ :dist)))
(doc incanter.mongodb)
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