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@liebke liebke/incanter-pdf.clj Secret
Created Feb 5, 2010

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#^{:doc "This library currently has only a single function, save-pdf, which saves
charts as a PDF file. To build this namespace make sure the you have the following
dependency in your pom.xml or project.clj file:
[com.lowagie/itext \"1.4\"] "}
(:use (incanter charts))
(:import (com.lowagie.text Document DocumentException Rectangle)
(com.lowagie.text.pdf DefaultFontMapper FontMapper PdfContentByte
PdfTemplate PdfWriter)
(java.awt Graphics2D)
(java.awt.geom Rectangle2D)
( BufferedOutputStream File FileOutputStream OutputStream)
(java.text SimpleDateFormat)))
(defn save-pdf
" Save a chart object as a pdf document.
:width (default 500)
:height (defualt 400)
(use '(incanter core charts))
(save-pdf (function-plot sin -4 4) \"./pdf-chart.pdf\")
([chart filename & options]
(let [opts (when options (apply assoc {} options))
width (or (:width opts) 500)
height (or (:height opts) 400)
pagesize (Rectangle. width height)
document (Document. pagesize 50 50 50 50)
out (BufferedOutputStream. (FileOutputStream. filename))
writer (PdfWriter/getInstance document out)
_ (.open document)
cb (.getDirectContent writer)
tp (.createTemplate cb width height)
mapper (DefaultFontMapper.)
g2 (.createGraphics tp width height mapper)
r2D (new java.awt.geom.Rectangle2D$Double 0 0 width height)]
(.draw chart g2 r2D)
(.dispose g2)
(.addTemplate cb tp 0 0)
(.close document)
(.close out)))))
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