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lightfromshadows / html.ino
Created December 5, 2019 14:56
Smart Sump/Condensate Pump w/ Webserver
const char ROOT_page[] PROGMEM = R"=====(
<TITLE>Sump Pump</TITLE>
<B>Online. #VALUE# / #TIME# hours</B>
lightfromshadows / MJPEGStreamDecoder.cs
Created October 15, 2019 19:16
Simple MJPEG stream decoder for Unity written in C#
* I needed a simple MJPEG Stream Decoder and I couldn't find one that worked for me.
* It reads a response stream and when there's a new frame it updates the render texture.
* That's it. No authenication or options.
* It's something stupid simple for readimg a video stream from an equally stupid simple Arduino.
* I fixed most of the large memory leaks, but there's at least one small one left.