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lijigang lijigang

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lijigang / init-agenda-block.el
Created May 5, 2020
orgmode configuraion of agenda (colorful block)
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;; agenda 里面时间块彩色显示
;; From:
(defun ljg/org-agenda-time-grid-spacing ()
"Set different line spacing w.r.t. time duration."
(let* ((background (alist-get 'background-mode (frame-parameters)))
(background-dark-p (string= background "dark"))
(colors (list "#1ABC9C" "#2ECC71" "#3498DB" "#9966ff"))
lijigang / init.el
Created May 5, 2020
orgmode configuration of agenda (sunrise and sunset)
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;; learn from
(setq org-agenda-include-diary t)
(setq org-agenda-diary-file "your/path/to/standard-diary")
(setq diary-file "your/path/to/standard-diary")
;; 设置本地经纬度坐标
(setq calendar-latitude 39.9042)
(setq calendar-longitude 116.4074)
lijigang / ljg.svimrc
Last active Aug 8, 2019
safari vim extension config
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let mapleader = ","
map "u" lastClosedTab
map "d" quit
map "h" previousTab
map "l" nextTab
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