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Space Station Mir -- Mission Control
<center>![Land O'Pines School, Mir Space Station Mission Control](mcontrol.jpg)</center>
<embed src="aboard.wav" autostart="true" hidden="true" loop="false" width="100" height="100" align="BOTTOM">
<center>**The <u>S</u>pace <u>A</u>mateur <u>R</u>adio <u>EX</u>periment is sponsored by**</center>
<center>[**NASA**](**, [AMSAT](, and the [ARRL](**</center>
[![](speaker.gif)**<font size="+1">" This is R 0 M I R … Got you loud and clear. Hello there; How are you doing today ? Welcome aboard Mir ! "</font> <font size="-1">(25K Wav)</font>**](firstwds.wav)
<center>**With these words, U.S. astronaut [Andy Thomas]( welcomed the students of Land O'Pines school aboard the MIR Space Station. Contact was established at 4:34PM EDT (20:34_UTC) on April 9<sup>th</sup>, 1998.**</center>
<font size="-2">DAVID BERGELAND photo (Asbury Park Press)</font>](app.htm)</center>
<center>[**<font size="+2">The Asbury Park Press reported the contact on the front page !!!</font>**](app.htm)</center>
<center>**(we also had published [a letter to the editor](editor.htm) in several area newspapers).**</center>
<center>**<font size="+1">![](video.gif) The contact was shown on cable television in May.</font> [Click here](tv.htm) for details.![](video.gif)**</center>
**![](speaker.gif)Hear the contact for your self … (Click on name to hear question and answer)**
<table border="1" cellspacing="1" bordercolor="#000000" cellpadding="7" width="630">
<td width="14%" valign="TOP">**[Douglas KC2CJT - calling Mir (63k)](contact.wav)**</td>
<td width="14%" valign="TOP">**[Douglas - Welcome to crew of MIR (96K)](mwelcome.wav)**</td>
<td width="14%" valign="TOP">**[Seth - time to assemble Mir (99k)](seth.wav)**</td>
<td width="14%" valign="TOP">**[Jenny - the cost of manned spaceflight (141K)](jenny.wav)**</td>
<td width="14%" valign="TOP">**[Sara - difficulty of training (160K)](sara.wav)**</td>
<td width="14%" valign="TOP">**[Doug - recreation (159K)](doug.wav)**</td>
<td width="16%" valign="TOP">**[Alexis - eating in space (128K)](alexis.wav)**</td>
<td width="14%" valign="TOP">**[Matt - effects on digestion (132K)](matt.wav)**</td>
<td width="14%" valign="TOP">**Lost Contact - [recovery (81K)](outage.wav)**</td>
<td width="14%" valign="TOP">**[Siobhan - mission duration (96K)](siobhan.wav)**</td>
<td width="14%" valign="TOP">**[Jessie - sleep (139K)](jessie.wav)**</td>
<td width="14%" valign="TOP">** [Amanda -antigen test (160K)](amanda.wav)**</td>
<td width="14%" valign="TOP">**[Goodbye ! (162K)](goodbye.wav)**</td>
<td width="16%" valign="TOP">**[Congrats from NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center(105K)](finals.wav)**</td>
**See Mission Control at Land O'Pines … Click on image to see similar pictures in larger format or <font color="#ff0000">VIDEO ![](video.gif)!</font>**
<table border="1" cellspacing="1" bordercolor="#000000" cellpadding="7" width="628">
<td width="19%" valign="TOP" height="54">
[![](santenna.jpg) Rooftop Antennas](antenna.jpg)
[![](santinsp.jpg) Supervised by Doug KC2CJT and Sean KC2DIJ, the radio and antenna operators](antinsp.jpg)
<td width="20%" valign="TOP" height="54">
[![](smrt.jpg) Mr. Thompson addresses crew](mrt.jpg)
<td width="19%" valign="TOP" height="54">
[![](sintro.jpg) Mission moderated by Students](intro.jpg)
<td width="20%" valign="TOP" height="54">
[![](sdoug.jpg) Questions to Astronaut](doug.jpg)
<td width="22%" valign="TOP" height="54">
[![](sjoe.jpg) Joe Pate N2YMO](joe.jpg)
[Al Emer N2YAC - describing antenna pointing](tval.jpg)
Thanks a million !!
<td width="19%" valign="TOP" height="57">[![](stvclap.jpg) Video of final transmission.(1.7M)](cheers.avi)![](video.gif)</td>
<td width="20%" valign="TOP" height="57">[![](scheers.jpg) Sweet Success !! Celebration from the crew](cheers.jpg)</td>
<td width="19%" valign="TOP" height="57">
[The crew of Mir 25 Mission 95 B](crew.jpg)
<td width="20%" valign="TOP" height="57">
Watch this space !
<td width="22%" valign="TOP" height="57">
Watch this space !
**![](ballblue.gif)Our [Handout](handout.htm) to visitors to Mission Control.**
**![](ballblue.gif)[Pre Contact Press Release](pressrel.htm).**
**![](ballblue.gif)[Technical Details](details.htm)**
* * *
**<blink>![](ballblue.gif)Get the latest news on Mir from [CNN - Search](</blink>**
**![](ballblue.gif) Andy Thomas was the last US astronaut to stay on MIR.**
[**![](sts89sm.gif)**](sts89.jpg)** Andy traveled to Mir onboard the Space Shuttle Endeavour in January, click on the picture for an enlargement.**
[**![](discover.jpg)Watch a video of Discovery returning Andy Thomas to Earth (6/12/98) Courtesy CNN / NASA**](**![](video.gif)**
[**![](mir_ani.gif)**](**The [Mir Space Station]( ... follow this link to get details of the Russian space station MIR.**
**![](ballblue.gif)Mir is operated by the [Russian Space Agency.](**
**![](ballblue.gif)[Click Here](njlo.gif) ... to see Land O'Pines School from space.**
![](ballblue.gif)**[NASA educational resources]( ... Teachers (but also others) may like to follow this link for ideas and resources to encourage learning about space and technology.**
**![School Crest](lopines.gif)**
**Several amateur radio operators from the central New Jersey area provided** **the technical and radio support for this contact. If you have comments or questions, please feel free to send electronic mail to [Douglas Cochran (KC2CJT)](../contact.htm)**
**Last Updated ... 11/5/98**
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