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Centos 7 install/deploy Cloudera Manager and CDH using local repository and CDH local parcel
- prepare work
a. make cm node can ssh to all nodes without password
ssh-genkey, ssh-copy-id
b. hostname mapping
c. mysql server
d. postgresql
e. ntp
systemctl disable chrony
centos7 default enable chrony server, even enable ntpd, cuase chrony started, ntpd will not started
this will cause CDH ntp error, so need to disable chrony.
following f,g step required if enable kerberos security
f. install kdc
g. yum install krb5-workstation -y on all cluster node
- install cm with local CLoudera Manager repo
-- create cloudera manager local repo
1. download the correct repo file to /etc/yum.repos.d
2. yum install yum-utils createrepo
3. reposync -r cloudera-cdh5
4. createrepo .
5. publish just create repo using any http server
6. edit /etc/yum.repos.d/cloudera-manager.repo, change the url to your local url
-- install cm
1. yum install cloudera-manager-daemons cloudera-manager-server
2. modify /etc/cloudera-scm-server/ to point to correct db
3. yum install -y mysql-connector-java
or download mysql-connector-java.jar and put it to /usr/share/java/
4. systemctl restart cloudera-scm-server
deafult: admin/admin
- install CDH with local parcel
-- create CDH local parcel
-- open cm web ui in browser
deafult: admin/admin
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