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This are my current Vimium maps
map ? showHelp
# Scrolling:
map j scrollDown
map k scrollUp
map gg scrollToTop
map G scrollToBottom
map gl scrollToLeft
map gö scrollToRight
# Navigating tabs:
map l previousTab
map ö nextTab
map w removeTab
map t createTab
map y restoreTab
map u restoreTab
map gt visitPreviousTab
map W moveTabToNewWindow
map d0 closeTabsOnLeft
map d$ closeTabsOnRight
# Open links:
map f LinkHints.activateMode
map F LinkHints.activateModeToOpenInNewTab
map af LinkHints.activateModeWithQueue
# History:
map r reload
map L goBack
map Ö goForward
# URL:
map Y copyCurrentUrl
# Input:
map gi focusInput
map \ passNextKey
# Marks:
map m Marks.activateCreateMode
map ' Marks.activateGotoMode
# Find:
map / enterFindMode
map n performFind
map N performBackwardsFind
# Frames:
map gf nextFrame
map gF mainFrame
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