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Last active August 14, 2020 13:43
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How to test FlokoROM OTA

  1. Fork and
  2. Modify updater_server_url to your Updater repo, in packages_apps_Updater/res/values/strings.xml
  3. add this in your local_manifests to enable Updater
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  <project path="packages/apps/Updater" name="{YOUR_GITHUB_USER_NAME}/packages_apps_Updater" remote="github" revision="10.0" />
  1. Build
  2. Run OTA/ to generate JSON
  3. Modify OTA/devices/{codename}.json
    • change download url to downloadable link
  4. git push in OTA repo
  5. launch Updater from FlokoSettings, check it
    • note: download will be enabled in NEXT build
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