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Forked from takanakahiko/nowplaing_from_gpm.js
Last active November 27, 2015 18:19
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Web版Google Play MusicでもいつものフォーマットでNowPlayingするブックマークレット
var te=document.getElementById("player-song-title");
var t=te.innerHTML;
t=t.replace(/& /g,"&");
var ae=document.getElementById("player-artist");
var a=ae.innerHTML;
a=a.replace(/& /g,"&");
var ale=document.getElementsByClassName("player-album");
var al=ale[0].innerHTML;
al=al.replace(/& /g,"&");
var tweet=encodeURIComponent('『'+t+'』'+'by《'+a+'》'+'from【'+al+'】'+' #webPlay'+' #nowplaying');
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