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Program Analysis Tools

Static Analysis Tools


  • FlowDroid: Java, Data-Flow Analysis, PLDI'14
  • Argus-SAF (Amandroid): Java, Data-Flow Analysis, CCS'14
  • Droidsafe: Java, Data-Flow Analysis, NDSS'15
  • ApkCombiner: Android ICC
  • HybriDroid: Java, JavaScript, Bug Detector, Data-Flow Analysis, ASE'16
  • CogniCrypt: Java, White listing, Typestate Analysis, Data-Flow Analysis, ASE'17 & ECOOP'18
  • JOANA: Java, Information-Flow Analysis, Slicing

Bug Detection

  • FindBugs
  • SpotBugs
  • PMD
  • Lint
  • CheckStyle
  • Cppcheck


Dynamic Analysis Tools

Android Testing Frameworks

Reverse Engineering Tools:

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