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TLP 1.4 Test: Battery Care for Non-ThinkPads


TLP has supported charge control thresholds for ThinkPads since the beginning. With release 1.4, support will be extended to laptops from selected other vendors for which a corresponding driver already exists in the Linux kernel.

Since I don't own any of the newly supported laptops, I'm reaching out to the community of TLP users with a request to test the new functionality on their hardware.

Test Objectives

  1. Check if vendor and charge control features(s) are detected correctly (it can be assumed that not all models of a vendor will support them)

  2. Check if TLP can set and read the charge control feature(s) correctly

  3. Verify if the settings start/stop the charging process at the set value

Supported Hardware

Because of the different hardware implementations, there are separate test cases for each vendor:

  • ASUS laptops - proceed here
  • Huawei MateBooks - proceed here
  • LG Gram laptops - proceed here
  • Lenovo laptops (non-ThinkPad series) - proceed here
  • Samsung laptops - proceed here

Important: please post results and questions only in the respective test threads.

Disclaimer: Hardware not listed above is not supported nor should it be included in this test. Please refrain from asking questions about this here or in the test threads.

Installation Packages

See the download page.


What else is included in 1.4?

Are there other features that I can test?

  • For a list of features in need of testing, check the issue tracker. Please report in the respective issue.
  • Refer to the changelog. Open an issue if you notice a problem.

Where can I find the TLP documentation?

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linrunner commented Sep 24, 2021

TLP 1.4 is released. Have fun and go on testing please!

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