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Hi retreat travellers!
Since we're in the new situation of a new virus + viral social media + governments who are not great at communication,
it's a good idea to talk constructively about what we can do to protect ourselves.
There are screenings and travel restrictions for people who have been in China / Wuhan in the last two weeks, or who have been in contact with infected people. An infection with the new coronavirus can be dangerous for immunosuppressed people (e.g. HIV+, organ transplant receivers), elderly people or children.
If you are in this group, it is advised not to travel.
You will have to fill out a health declaration when you arrive, where you also need the address of the riad: Riad Priscilla ; 27 rue de azbezt ; Marrakesh
All travellers can help to stop the spread, like with any virus:
- hands touch many surfaces, the virus has a lipid layer (envelope made out of fat)
-> kill it by hand washing with soap (length of a happy birthday song) or using hand sanitizer,
-> don't forget to moisturize, dry skin weakens your barrier
-> wash hands especially before any contact with food / sharing situation
-> wipe down your keyboards / phones with an alcohol wipe once in a while (I use the ones for glasses)
- keep your immune system strong
-> ramp up the self care like regular sleeping, eating, resting, healthy choices
-> thoroughly cook meat and eggs during this time
- your mucus membranes (eyes, nose, mouth) are your body's super effective barrier designed to throw pathogens out
-> keep them hydrated by drinking enough (airplane is dry),
-> don't touch your face with unwashed hands, this needs practice so start now,
-> don't share cigarettes etc.
- when sneezing, avoid droplet infection
-> practice sneezing / coughing into your elbow or a tissue and covering mouth and nose,
-> keep at least a meter of distance from anyone coughing or sneezing
People did not wear masks on the flight, according to Hannes who arrived today. Of course you could always bring some in your bag to be prepared. Feel free to also reply to coordinate bringing soap, hand sanitizer, alcohol wipes and tissues to the retreat if you have them at hand, so we can be good citizens. :)
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