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alias newx='tmux new -n respins -s respins'
alias xmsn='tmux attach -t respins'
alias get-respins='sudo rsync -rv --exclude=F27-source* --progress --partial --delete-before /srv/fedora-repo/F27-Respins; sudo chown transmission: /srv/fedora-repo/F27-Respins/*'
#alias get-respins-alt='rsync -rv --exclude=F27-source* --progress --partial --delete-before /srv/fedora-repo/F27-Respins/; sudo chown transmission: /srv/fedora-repo/F27-Respins/*'
alias add-respins='cd /srv/fedora-repo/F27-Respins; for i in `ls -1 *.torrent`; do xmsn-ctl -a $i -w `pwd` --start-paused; done'
alias restart-respins='cd /srv/fedora-repo/F27-Respins; for i in ``ls -1 *.torrent``; do xmsn-ctl -t -$i -s; done'
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