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Index Name :: Description :: top taskwiki index page Created :: Aug31, 2015 Manager :: djp Files :: ~/.task/wiki/

Table of Contents

Taskwiki Index


- admin Paperwork and paying bills, etc. - home "home" area of responsibility - it Information Technologies(computer)


- map


- 62Canoe Hand-crafted cedar-strip canoes - acct Keeping ledgers, bills, taxes etc - CAHS A feature film, a Vimeo series, an

  Indigogo pitch

- CAS Tom Patrick vs CAS et al - contact Staying in touch! - domains Maintenence of website domain names - foo - gear tasks for production equipment - GL Gerry Legace Estate - HCV - madoc Various community projects - makers - manse the Presbyterian Manse - Mom - prod Lights, Camera, Action! - StP tasks related to the church and/ or cleaning duties - SuperNarrative - syd Syd Patrick Health and estate - tw A command-line todo list manager - vidclass How to make good video, introductory classes - web


- feature software development - StP St Peter's Presbyterian related tasks - Tom Thomas Alexander Patrick tag

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