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Twitter-API-Friendly Like Remover
For those who want to remove their Twitter likes in bulk, but are being blocked by Twitter's API,
I give you a slower version that is more API-friendly; it removes each like one at a time.
Open your Twitter likes page on a separate browser window, then run the following code in the console:
setInterval(() => {
window.scrollTo(0, window.pageYOffset+300);
}, 1000);
This is a modified version of Aymeric's code, as after testing it seems Twitter no longer allows it to run properly.
Aymeric's like bulk remover:
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After some time twitter has this bug where your older liked tweets become normal ones (unliked, but still stay on the "liked" page). A version of the script where it likes, then unliked one tweet at the time would be even more great.

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