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Last active Apr 7, 2020
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My FISH prompt (avoids shortened path names, unless too long or in subshells)
# name: Classic + Vcs (custom)
# author: Lily Ballard & Lionello Lunesu
function fish_prompt --description 'Write out the prompt'
set -l last_pipestatus $pipestatus
set -l normal (set_color normal)
# Color the prompt differently when we're root
set -l color_cwd $fish_color_cwd
set -l prefix
set -l suffix '\n$ '
if contains -- $USER root toor
if set -q fish_color_cwd_root
set color_cwd $fish_color_cwd_root
set suffix '\n# '
# If we're running via SSH, change the host color.
set -l color_host $fish_color_host
if set -q SSH_TTY
set color_host $fish_color_host_remote
# Write pipestatus
set -l prompt_status (__fish_print_pipestatus " [" "]" "|" (set_color $fish_color_status) (set_color --bold $fish_color_status) $last_pipestatus)
# Shorten the prompt, but only when it's too long (or in subshell)
set -g fish_prompt_pwd_dir_length (expr $SHLVL - 1)
set -l longprompt $USER (prompt_hostname) (prompt_pwd) (__fish_vcs_prompt) $prompt_status
if test (expr length "$longprompt") -gt $COLUMNS
set -g fish_prompt_pwd_dir_length 1
echo -n -s (set_color $fish_color_user) "$USER" $normal @ (set_color $color_host) (prompt_hostname) $normal ' ' (set_color $color_cwd) (prompt_pwd) $normal (fish_vcs_prompt) $normal $prompt_status
builtin printf $suffix
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