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Sweet Beginnings at Recurse

One week at the Recurse Center means I've got lots of dreams and little concrete progress. But lots of dreams comes with lots of fun!

Inspiration from others:

  • Woody's sound-based pong game
  • Blogging recommendations from Edith (Iron Blogging group): "Focus on what you blog, not where you blog. You can always just put it in a GitHub Gist." (paraphrased)
  • Music recommendations from Music Consumption Group
  • Bug Driven Development/Art talk from from Rachel, mold-inspired art from Moishe
  • Witnessed my first Rust plus WebAssembly site, also from Rachel. Mind BLOWN

Related Dreams:

  • Make sounds using PureData or whatever
  • Write blog blobs like this one or worse
  • Make some computer generated art!
  • Remake a very broken voice recorder webapp from last year... maybe in Rust? Is that unreasonable?
  • AND put all of the above on an okay-looking personal website to show to the world! (my best friend is my world ❤️)

Unrelated Dreams:

  • Make a Korean grammar parser
  • Make a Korean Webtoon -> text scanner

Tiny things I've done so far:

Something I'm thinking about:

Time spent planning is an investment. I should "do less" and think more in order to be more effective in what I do. Let's see if I can be better about this in the upcoming week.

Goals this week:

  • Publish a personal website that I can show off to my best friend and my new recurse friends :)
  • Turn a picture into music (even if it's just one note)... and share it with MY NEW RECURSE FRIENDS
  • Make something stupid with Rust and WebAssembly and figure out how to put it on my website... AND SHARE IT WITH MY NEW RECURSE FRIENDS
  • Begin my transformation from mostly human to Ankified monster... and keep that to myself... maybe...
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