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Font Extension for Monospaced Digits (Swift 4.0)
import UIKit
extension UIFont {
var monospacedDigitFont: UIFont {
let oldFontDescriptor = fontDescriptor
let newFontDescriptor = oldFontDescriptor.monospacedDigitFontDescriptor
return UIFont(descriptor: newFontDescriptor, size: 0)
private extension UIFontDescriptor {
var monospacedDigitFontDescriptor: UIFontDescriptor {
let fontDescriptorFeatureSettings = [[UIFontDescriptor.FeatureKey.featureIdentifier: kNumberSpacingType, UIFontDescriptor.FeatureKey.typeIdentifier: kMonospacedNumbersSelector]]
let fontDescriptorAttributes = [UIFontDescriptor.AttributeName.featureSettings: fontDescriptorFeatureSettings]
let fontDescriptor = self.addingAttributes(fontDescriptorAttributes)
return fontDescriptor
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