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Simple way to Docking Qt widgets to Maya 2017+
Template class for docking a Qt widget to maya 2017+.
Author: Lior ben horin
import weakref
import maya.cmds as cmds
import maya.OpenMayaUI as omui
from shiboken2 import wrapInstance
from Qt import QtGui, QtWidgets, QtCore # by Marcus Ottosson
def dock_window(dialog_class):
cmds.deleteUI(dialog_class.CONTROL_NAME)'removed workspace {}'.format(dialog_class.CONTROL_NAME))
# building the workspace control with maya.cmds
main_control = cmds.workspaceControl(dialog_class.CONTROL_NAME, ttc=["AttributeEditor", -1],iw=300, mw=True, wp='preferred', label = dialog_class.DOCK_LABEL_NAME)
# now lets get a C++ pointer to it using OpenMaya
control_widget = omui.MQtUtil.findControl(dialog_class.CONTROL_NAME)
# conver the C++ pointer to Qt object we can use
control_wrap = wrapInstance(long(control_widget), QtWidgets.QWidget)
# control_wrap is the widget of the docking window and now we can start working with it:
win = dialog_class(control_wrap)
# after maya is ready we should restore the window since it may not be visible
cmds.evalDeferred(lambda *args: cmds.workspaceControl(main_control, e=True, rs=True))
# will return the class of the dock content.
class MyDockingUI(QtWidgets.QWidget):
instances = list()
CONTROL_NAME = 'my_workspcae_control'
DOCK_LABEL_NAME = 'my workspcae control'
def __init__(self, parent=None):
super(MyDockingUI, self).__init__(parent)
# let's keep track of our docks so we only have one at a time.
self.window_name = self.CONTROL_NAME
self.ui = parent
self.main_layout = parent.layout()
self.main_layout.setContentsMargins(2, 2, 2, 2)
# here we can start coding our UI
self.my_label = QtWidgets.QLabel('hello world!')
def delete_instances():
for ins in MyDockingUI.instances:'Delete {}'.format(ins))
# ignore the fact that the actual parent has already been deleted by Maya...
del ins
def run(self):
return self
# this is where we call the window
my_dock = dock_window(MyDockingUI)

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griffinanimator commented Dec 7, 2017

This is good stuff. I'm trying to use this to build a base class that has a docking method so I can inherit in other UI classes. It mostly works, except the main_layout doesn't display. I will post more if I get a solution.


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daGonen commented Jan 6, 2018



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Nixellion commented Feb 9, 2018

Hi, @liorbenhorinliorbenhorin !

This is great boilerplate. I succesfully repurposed it as a base module and class, which I can use in different windows. Tested in Maya 2017, worked great. I will be performing tests of it in different Maya versions.

But I'm writing because of a small problem I found. It seems that this window does not show the menuBar, when I use self.setMenuBar(manuBarVar) command. Is there a solution to this?



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ombracg commented Feb 22, 2018

Hi all this is a good stuff but I have a problem. The dock windows can show only one time , if I run the code it delete instance and cannot pop up again.
Any solutions please?


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CraigLaMorte commented Mar 20, 2018

where do you set self.setSizeGripEnabled(False)? This new way won't let me set those attributes to my window anymore

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