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liorksh/Task Continuation.cs Secret

Created Apr 26, 2020
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Exemplify the usage of Task.ContinueWith
[InlineData(155, 34)]
public void TasksContinueWith(int booksAllowance, int booksToWithdraw)
// Initiate a library account object
LibraryAccount libraryAccount = new LibraryAccount(booksAllowance);
Task<int> task = Task.Factory.StartNew<int>(() =>{
// The first task withdraws books
return libraryAccount.BorrowedBooksCount;
.ContinueWith<int>((prevTask) => {
// Fetching the result from the previous task
int booksInventory = prevTask.Result;
Trace.WriteLine($"Current books inventory count {booksInventory}");
// Return the books back to the library
return libraryAccount.BorrowedBooksCount;
}, // Set the conditions when to continue the subsequent task
TaskContinuationOptions.NotOnFaulted |
TaskContinuationOptions.NotOnCanceled |
// Wait for the task to end before continuing the main thread.
// The actual number of books should remain the same
Assert.Equal(task.Result, booksAllowance);
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