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Last active Jun 3, 2021
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AWS CLI wrapping script by Babashka
(ns aws.logs.core
"AWS CLI wrapper for `logs` service
You need to install AWS CLI and run `aws configure` beforehand."
[cheshire.core :as json]
[ :as shell]
[clojure.string :as str]))
(def ^:private default-timeout-sec
"Timeout sec to wait query completion."
(defn zoned-date-time->epoch [zdt]
(.. zdt
(defn date->epoch-range
"Convert date to `From`/`To` as Epoch time.
Return a list like: [From To].
`From` is 00:00:00 on the specified date.
`To` is 00:00:00 on the day after the specified date."
[{:keys [yyyy mm dd zone-id]}]
(let [zdt (java.time.ZonedDateTime/of
(Long/parseLong yyyy)
(Long/parseLong mm)
(Long/parseLong dd)
0 0 0 0 zone-id)]
(->> [zdt (.plusDays zdt 1)]
(map zoned-date-time->epoch))))
(defn construct-start-query-command
"Construct a command to start query."
[{:keys [group-name region queries] :as m}]
(let [[start-time end-time] (date->epoch-range m)
extra-query (str/join " | " queries)
extra-query (cond->> extra-query
(seq extra-query) (str " | "))]
(map str
["aws" "logs" "start-query"
(when region
["--region" region])
"--log-group-name" group-name
"--start-time" start-time "--end-time" end-time
"--query-string" (str "fields @timestamp, @message" extra-query " | sort @timestamp desc")]))))
(defn construct-get-query-results-command
"Construct a command to get query results."
[region query-id]
(->> ["aws" "logs" "get-query-results"
(when region
["--region" region])
"--query-id" query-id]
(remove nil?)))
(defn start-query
"Start to run query by specified date.
Argument is the same map as `aws.logs.core/query`."
(let [cmd (construct-start-query-command m)
res (apply shell/sh cmd)]
(when (not= 0 (:exit res))
(throw (ex-info "Failed to start query" res)))
(-> res :out (json/parse-string true) :queryId)))
(defn describe-completed-queries
"Fetch completed query information."
[{:keys [group-name region]}]
(let [cmd (->> ["aws" "logs" "describe-queries"
(when region
["--region" region])
"--log-group-name" group-name
"--status" "Complete"]
(remove nil?))
res (apply shell/sh cmd)]
(when (not= 0 (:exit res))
(throw (ex-info "Failed to describe queies" res)))
(-> res :out (json/parse-string true) :queries)))
(defn query-completed?
"Return true if completed queries contain the specified query-id."
[m query-id]
(let [completed-ids (->> (describe-completed-queries m) (map :queryId) set)]
(contains? completed-ids query-id)))
(defn wait-query-completion
"Wait for query completion.
ExceptionInfo will be thrown when timed out."
[m query-id timeout-sec]
(loop [i 0]
(when (= timeout-sec i)
(throw (ex-info "Timeout" {})))
(when-not (query-completed? m query-id)
(Thread/sleep 1000)
(recur (inc i)))))
(defn get-query-results
"Fetch query results corresponding to the specified query-id.
`aws.logs.core/wait-query-completion` may be needed
since this operation doesn't check query completion."
[region query-id]
(let [res (apply shell/sh (construct-get-query-results-command region query-id))]
(when (not= 0 (:exit res))
(throw (ex-info "Failed to get query results" res)))
(-> res :out (json/parse-string true) :results
(->> (map #(:value (nth % 1)))
(map #(json/parse-string % true))
(map :message)))))
(defn query
"Fetch logs by specified date, and return them.
Argumet is a map like following:
{:yyyy \"Year with log to be extracted\" ; REQUIRED
:mm \"Month with log to be extracted\" ; REQURIED
:dd \"Day with log to be extracted\" ; REQUIRED
:group-name \"Group name for log\" ; REQUIRED
:region \"Region\" ; OPTIONAL
:zone-id `Time zone` ; OPTIONAL
:queries [\"Any additional queries\"] ; OPTIONAL
The configured region will be used if `region` is not specified.
The default `zone-id` is `(java.time.ZoneId/of \"Asia/Tokyo\")`."
(let [m (update m :zone-id #(or % (java.time.ZoneId/of "Asia/Tokyo")))
timeout (get m :timeout default-timeout-sec)]
(if-let [query-id (start-query m)]
(do (wait-query-completion m query-id timeout)
(get-query-results (:region m) query-id))
(throw (ex-info "Failed to start query" m)))))
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