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@lispm lispm/evaluate.lisp

Created Aug 4, 2018
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; this version: 2018, Rainer Joswig,
; we create a bunch of structures for the expression types
; each structure defines a constructor of the same name
; each expression knows the corresponding Lisp function
(defstruct (val (:constructor val (e))) e)
(defstruct (bop :conc-name) e1 e2 op)
(defmacro defbinops (&rest names)
`(progn ,@(loop for (name op) in names
collect `(defstruct (,name (:include bop (op ',op)) (:constructor ,name (e1 e2)))))))
(defbinops (mul *) (div /) (add +) (sub -))
; a bunch of CLOS methods for evaluation
; we use two functions - the first function catches the errors and returns NIL then
(defmethod evaluate (e)
(ignore-errors (evaluate1 e)))
(defmethod evaluate1 ((e val))
(val-e e))
(defmethod evaluate1 ((e bop))
(funcall (op e) (evaluate (e1 e)) (evaluate (e2 e))))
(defun example ()
(format t "~s~%" (evaluate (Add (Val 2) (Mul (Val 3) (Val 6)))))
(format t "~s~%" (evaluate (Div (Val 10) (Val 0)))))
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