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Created April 10, 2018 17:02
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WebAssembly spec compatibility issues
A summary of the issues for WebAssembly that Dan has been thinking about:
- CSP --
- When the checks happen
- What the checks are
- Resource limits --
- Should we align resource limits?
- How should the limit on local variables be interpreted?
- What are the magic numbers? (These have already had to rise due to lack of implementation)
- Memory objects limit -- do we have consensus that there should be no limit?
- Copyable but not transferrable Memory
- In the last CG meeting, we got consensus that we already has consensus, just needs spec
- Limitations on Module serialization
- HTTPS-only for IndexedDB --
- Same agent cluster for postMessage -- Discussed at the April 3rd CG meeting; Dan's impression of consensus was to restrict it
- Limitations on Response types for the streaming API -- does this have cross-browser consensus? --
- Known bugs in existing implementations (missing testing)
- Non-enumerable methods
- EnforceRange edge cases
- Minor details about exported functions (filed bugs, checked in tests)
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