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In the chaos of the implict, the tvision team creates this document with few concepts in order to unify the coding and some basic knowledge. If you are a developer and you are in the 2013 I think that you are already proficient with this notions. Please help me to improve this document forking the gist.

A. Documentation

We are working on a framework, is mandatory that you have read the framework doc:

B. Coding Standard (PSR-0, PSR-1, PSR-2)

We use PHP you should know what is php-fig

C. Coding style

  1. Tvision Style is "No frills"

  2. Simple-Clean-Rude-This-Week is always better than

    Complex-NextMonth and Perfect-Never too.

We are not dummy coders, we code...

  1. Clean

  2. We strictly follow the Symfony coding standard.

  3. Without debugging comments eg. //echo

  4. The variable name should replace the comment see book clean code (this book is in our library).

  5. Only the English language exists in the code.

  6. Follow the Object Oriented extreme philosophy.

  7. If you wrote code with too much "if-else", maybe you didn't follow correctly the step n#6.

  8. Event and Logger are good friends.

  9. Exceptions are very good friends.

We are good developer and we want to evolve, reading and studying.

We deeply use these:

D. Git and Flow

We use the git-flow standard naming convention and branching model

create a branch name for each task

Design Flow

Follow this pattern

  1. [use case list] Get a task from the use case list.

  2. [develop] Develop on your repo (using a branch for every task)

  3. [git] Push to your fork whenever you want (also with broken tests)

  4. [test+git] Pull from upstream when your task is complete and all the tests are green

  5. [test] Check that the tests are still green

  6. [git] Make a Pull Request

  7. [use case list] Flag the task in the use case list as Waiting Quality Assurance.

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