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iPyTerm - AppleScript Based iTerm2 launcher for IPython
on run {input, parameters}
-- Run ipython on a new iTerm (OS X version)
-- See
tell application "iTerm"
set ipy to (make new terminal)
tell ipy
activate current session
launch session "Default Session"
tell the last session
set name to "IPython"
write text "ipython --pylab"
delay 2
write text "import numpy as np"
write text "import pandas as pd"
write text "from pandas import Series, DataFrame"
write text "np.set_printoptions(linewidth=120)"
end tell
end tell
end tell
return input
end run

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@AstroMike AstroMike commented Sep 24, 2018

Very useful script!

If you add &";exit" after the jupyter command, then after you Ctrl-C on the jupyter server, the shell will exit and the itTerm2 tab will close. This a little hassle of having to do this manually.

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