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Variables Partial
$size__site-gutter-mobile: 20px;
$size__site-gutter-tablet: 50px;
$size__max-site-width: 1600px;
// Site Columns
$site__content-columns-mobile: 2;
$site__content-columns-tablet: 8;
$site__content-columns-desktop: 15;
// Grid Widths
$size__mobile-grid: $size__site-gutter-mobile repeat($site__content-columns-mobile, 1fr) $size__site-gutter-mobile;
$size__tablet-grid: $size__site-gutter-tablet repeat($site__content-columns-tablet, 1fr) $size__site-gutter-tablet;
$size__desktop-grid: 1.5fr repeat($site__content-columns-desktop, 1fr) 1.5fr;
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