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Functioning within parameters

Elizabeth Mattijsen lizmat

Functioning within parameters
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role ProxyTweak is Proxy {
method new(:&FETCH!, :&STORE!, *%_) is raw {
my $self := self.Proxy::new(:&FETCH,:&STORE);
class A does ProxyTweak {
lizmat / gist:cf6f4178e6ba769fdfd242c2134edfe2
Last active July 17, 2020 16:48
build failure backtrace
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$ perl --gen-moar --make-install; date
No --prefix supplied, building and installing to /Users/liz/Github/rakudo.moar/install
Found /Users/liz/Github/rakudo.moar/install/bin/nqp-m (backend moar)
Using /Users/liz/Github/rakudo.moar/install/bin/nqp-m (version 2020.06-16-g6bdf69921 / MoarVM 2020.06-34-gd564695f6).
Cleaning up ...
+++ Checking for moar NQP version
+++ Expanding gen/moar/main-version.nqp
+++ Generating gen/moar/rakudo.nqp
+++ Generating gen/moar/Grammar.nqp
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diff --git a/src/Perl6/Metamodel/MethodContainer.nqp b/src/Perl6/Metamodel/MethodContainer.nqp
index 50b33a83b..f25b061a4 100644
--- a/src/Perl6/Metamodel/MethodContainer.nqp
+++ b/src/Perl6/Metamodel/MethodContainer.nqp
@@ -14,11 +14,11 @@ role Perl6::Metamodel::MethodContainer {
has %!cache;
# Add a method.
- method add_method($obj, $name, $code_obj) {
+ method add_method($obj, $name, $code_obj, :$force) {
lizmat / gist:ab20653dfb09856707a45b1575768d31
Created July 7, 2020 09:28
Minimal Seq.AT-POS attempt
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diff --git a/src/core.c/Seq.pm6 b/src/core.c/Seq.pm6
index 8b06b1628..f9d5f1643 100644
--- a/src/core.c/Seq.pm6
+++ b/src/core.c/Seq.pm6
@@ -5,6 +5,9 @@ my class Seq is Cool does Iterable does Sequence {
# way through. Can only be obtained once.
has Iterator $!iter;
+ # The number of values that have been produced
+ has int $!produced;
lizmat / gist:943e0da61d84cff6a61ab8d159729594
Created May 14, 2020 20:51
What's wrong with these candidates?
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proto sub slurp(|) {*}
multi sub slurp(*%_) { $*ARGFILES.slurp(|%_) }
multi sub slurp(IO::Handle:D $fh, *%_) { $fh.slurp(|%_) }
multi sub slurp(IO() $path, *%_) { $path.slurp(|%_) }
proto sub spurt($, $, |) {*}
multi sub spurt(IO::Handle:D $fh, $data, *%_) { $fh.spurt($data, |%_) }
multi sub spurt(IO() $path, $data, *%_) { $path.spurt($data, |%_) }
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my %b is Bag = "aa.txt" -> $line {
my int @evenodd = 0,0;
++@evenodd[$_ % 2] for $line.words.skip(2).head(5);
@evenodd.join(" ");
for %b.sort -> (:$key, :$value) {
say "$key --> $value"
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Last active March 24, 2020 14:57
In Memoriam

The people mentioned here have been contributors to the various stages of the development of the Raku Programming Language, but unfortunately have departed this existence. We thank them for their contributions and hope to keep their memory alive here, as well as other places.

Jonathan Scott Duff (perlpilot)

In the early days of the Rakudo implementation, Jonathan Scott Duff implemented many of the NQP and Raku features that we take for granted now. In later years, he kept a very observant eye on developments in

lizmat /
Last active March 16, 2020 14:16
RIP Jeff Goff

Sad news. Our dear friend Jeff Goff has died in a scuba diving accident. He told me and many others about how he looked forward to learning more about scuba diving, getting more experienced in it, during the JoCo Cruise ( ). Apparantly, something went horribly wrong.

I have spent many hours with Jeff, not in the least when he broke his hip in Spain during the Perl conference in Granada, and I took it upon me to take care of several things for him. He has stayed as a guest at least twice in my home. I have learned to know Jeff as a warm, loving man, with a great sense of humor, wonderful ideas, and always helpful. Last time I saw him when he took over from me at the Perl & Raku booth at FOSDEM in Brussels.

Needless to say, but it needs to be said anyway: Liz and I will miss him terribly. The Perl & Raku communities will miss him dearly, as he was one volunteer who has done a lot of things to make things happen, to make things better.

Please do not

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- QAST::Block(:cuid(1)) <sunk> :statement_id<1> :outer<?> :in_stmt_mod<?> :count<?> :code_object<?>
- QAST::Stmts
- QAST::Var(lexical $whatevercode_arg_1 :decl(static))
- QAST::Var(local __lowered_lex_1 :decl(var)) :whatever-var<?>
- QAST::Var(local __lowered_param__1 :decl(param))
- QAST::Op(bind)
- QAST::Var(local __lowered_param__1)
- QAST::Op(hllize)
- QAST::Var(local __lowered_param__1)
- QAST::Op(bind)
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