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Last active May 4, 2023 09:29
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import cProfile
from mimesis import Person
from mimesis.locales import Locale
from faker import Faker
person = Person(Locale.EN)
faker = Faker('en_US')
def calculate_uniqueness(iterations, sequence):
unique_names_count = len(set(sequence))
uniqueness = round((unique_names_count / iterations) * 100, 2)
return '{} of {} ({}%) are unique'.format(unique_names_count, iterations, uniqueness)
counts = (
for count in counts:
names_mimesis = [person.full_name() for _ in range(count)]
print('[Mimesis] {}'.format(calculate_uniqueness(count, names_mimesis)))
print('Generating using Mimesis:')'[person.full_name() for _ in range(count)]')
names_faker = [ for _ in range(count)]
print('[Faker] {}'.format(calculate_uniqueness(count, names_faker)))
print('Generating using Faker:')'[ for _ in range(count)]')
print('-----' * 20)
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