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Keynote speakers at every ICFP

ICFP 1996

"Computing is Interaction", Robin Milner (Cambridge)

"The case for wireless overlay networks", Randy Katz (UC Berkeley)

ICFP 1997

Joe Armstrong (Ericsson)

Greg Morrissett (Cornell University)

ICFP 1998

"Calling hell from heaven and heaven from hell", Erik Meijer (University of Utrecht)

ICFP 1999

"You Can Design Microprocessors Too: Putting TRS's to Work", Arvind (MIT)

"Objects, Classes and Modules in Objective Caml", Xavier Leroy (INRIA Rocquencourt and Trusted Logic, France)

ICFP 2000

"The Functional Guts of the Kleisli Query System", Limsoon Wong (National University of Singapore)

"Advanced Module Systems: A Guide for the Perplexed", Benjamin Pierce (University of Pennsylvania)

"Combining Functional Programming and Hardware Verification", Carl Seger (Intel)

ICFP 2001

"A Fresh Approach to Representing Syntax with Static Binders in Functional Programming", Andrew M. Pitts (Cambridge University Computer Laboratory)

"Bluespec - a hardware description language", Lennart Augustsson (Sandburst Corp.)

"The Fastest Fourier Transform in the West", Matteo Frigo (Vanu Inc. and MIT)

ICFP 2002

"Towards More Natural Functional Programming Languages", Brad Myers (Carnegie Mellon University)

"Functional formal methods", J Strother Moore (University of Texas at Austin)

"Program generation, termination, and binding-time analysis", Neil Jones (DIKU)

ICFP 2003

"Conservation of information: Applications in functional, reversible, and quantum computing", Thomas Knight, Jr. (MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory)

"From Hilbert space to Dilbert space: Context semantics as a language for games and flow analysis", Harry Mairson (Brandeis University)

"Understanding aspects", Mitchell Wand (Northeastern University)

ICFP 2004

"Galois: High assurance software", John Launchbury (Galois Connections)

"What the Bubble Got Right", Paul Graham

"20 years of industrial functional programming", Ulf Wiger (Ericsson AB)

ICFP 2005

"Where is ML type inference headed? Constraint solving meets local shape inference", François Pottier (INRIA)

Brendan Eich

Robert Harper

ICFP 2006

"The Development of Chez Scheme", Kent Dybvig (Indiana University)

"Rely-Guarantee Assertions for Safe Concurrent Programming", Marc Shapiro (INRIA Roqc and LIP6)

"How to Write a Functional Pearl", Richard Bird (Oxford University)

ICFP 2007

John Hughes (Chalmers University of Technology)

Frank Pfenning (Carnegie Mellon University)

John Lloyd (Australian National University)

ICFP 2008

"Lazy and Speculative Execution in Computer Systems", Butler Lampson (Microsoft Research)

"Defunctionalized Interpreters for Higher-Order Languages", Olivier Danvy (University of Aarhus)

"Polymorphism and Page Tables--Systems Programming From a Functional Programmer's Perspective", Mark Jones (Portland State University)

ICFP 2009

"Organizing Functional Code for Parallel Execution: or, foldl and foldr Considered Slightly Harmful", Guy Steele

"Lambda, the Ultimate TA: Using a Proof Assistant to Teach Programming Language Foundations", Benjamin Pierce

"Commutative Monads, Diagrams and Knots", Dan Piponi

ICFP 2010

"ML: Metalanguage or Object Language?", Mike Gordon (University of Cambridge)

"TeachScheme! — A Checkpoint", Matthias Felleisen (Northeastern University)

"Functional Parallel Algorithms", Guy Blelloch (Carnegie Mellon University)

ICFP 2011

"Towards a Comprehensive Theory of Monadic Effects", Andrzej Filinski (University of Copenhagen)

"Development of SML#—making ML an ordinary practical language", Atsushi Ohori

(Note: Makoto Takeyama was scheduled to give an invited talk on "Programming Assurance Cases in Agda" and was unable to do so; Atsushi Ohori gave the above talk in his stead.)

ICFP 2012

"Agda-curious?: An Exploration of Programming with Dependent Types", Conor McBride

"High Performance Embedded Domain Specific Languages", Kunle Olukotun

"Tales from the Jungle", Peter Sewell

ICFP 2013

"Interactive Programming with Dependent Types", Ulf Norell

"Computer Science as a School Subject", Simon Peyton Jones

ICFP 2014

"Using Formal Methods to Enable More Secure Vehicles: DARPA's HACMS Program", Kathleen Fisher

"Behavioral Software Contracts", Robby Findler

"Depending on Types", Stephanie Weirich

ICFP 2015

"Program Synthesis: Opportunities for the next Decade", Ras Bodik (University of Washington)

"Functional Programming and Hardware Design: Still Interesting after All These Years", Mary Sheeran (Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden)

ICFP 2016

"A Functional Programmer's Guide to Homotopy Type Theory", Dan Licata (Wesleyan University)

"Journey to Find Bugs in JavaScript Web Applications in the Wild", Sukyoung Ryu (KAIST)

"TensorFlow: Learning Functions at Scale", Martin Abadi (Google)

ICFP 2017

"Compositional creativity: some principles for talking to computers", Chris Martens (NCSU)

"Assuring AI", John Launchbury (Galois)

(Note: Rich Hickey (Cognitect) was scheduled to give an invited talk on "Ten Years of Clojure -- FP Out of the Box" and was unable to do so; John Launchbury gave the above talk in his stead.)

ICFP 2018

"Conveying the Power of Abstraction", Eugenia Cheng

"Gradual Typing", Ronald Garcia (University of British Columbia)

"The Role of Functional Programming and DSLs in Hardware", Pat Hanrahan (Stanford University)

ICFP 2019

"Blockchains are functional", Manuel Chakravarty (Tweag I/O & IOHK)

"Solver-Aided Programming for All", Emina Torlak (University of Washington)

"Derivations as computations", Andrej Bauer (University of Ljubljana)


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lkuper commented Feb 17, 2019

Added additions and corrections from @fpottier.


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ccshan commented Mar 18, 2020

ICFP 2019

"Blockchains are functional", Manuel Chakravarty (Tweag I/O & IOHK)

"Solver-Aided Programming for All", Emina Torlak (University of Washington)

"Derivations as computations", Andrej Bauer (University of Ljubljana)


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lkuper commented Mar 18, 2020

@ccshan Added -- thanks!

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