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Last active March 2, 2020 17:00
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Use right-click and then `f` to change underline style for XChange Viewer
#IfWinActive ahk_exe PDFXCview.exe
; Note, this script is built on one major assumption:
; 1. that there is a labeled routine called CenterMouseOnActiveWindow, from:
; 2. that the Property window shall open at the **center** of the active window. For XChangeViewer, this is exactly the case.
Hotkey, f, f, On
KeyWait, f, D T3
Hotkey, f, f, Off
if(!ErrorLevel) {
; Send, {Esc}
send {up}
send {enter}
; Look for Appearnce piece
Gosub, CenterMouseOnActiveWindow
; To get this "routine", use:
MouseMove, -300, -145, 0, R
sleep 600
MouseClick, left
Gosub, CenterMouseOnActiveWindow
MouseMove, 15, -147, 0, R
sleep 600
MouseClick, left
; Helper piece:
; Source:
Sleep 50
WinGetPos, winTopL_x, winTopL_y, width, height, A
winCenter_x := winTopL_x + width/2
winCenter_y := winTopL_y + height/2
DllCall("SetCursorPos", int, winCenter_x, int, winCenter_y)
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llinfeng commented Mar 2, 2020

See it in action :)

Note, the AHK script only attempts to open the dropdown list for underline style

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