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Tuning colorization of Vim for E-ink display
function! Dasung() " Specify a readable color scheme.
" Set color scheme, so that mostly things are readable
colorscheme delek
" Tune the airline color scheme (feel free to take it away).
AirlineTheme zenburn
" Keep the cursor as HD-FT has touch input
set guioptions+=r
" I got my copy of ProFontWindows, likely, from here:
" Resolution for the 13-inch Paperlike HD display is 1400 x 1050
set guifont=ProFontWindows:h20
" Note: font on Dasung is calibrated. Need to make the screen max
set background=light
" denote the current line of the cursor.
set cursorline
" let g:airline_theme = 'zenburn'
hi! link airline_tabfill VertSplit
hi CursorLine guibg=lightblue
" Highlighting for search pattern
hi Search guifg=White guibg=black
" Highlighting for Folded code block
hi Folded guibg=LightYellow
" Colorization for Visual Mode
hi Visual guifg=White guibg=Black gui=none
" Character under the cursor
hi Cursor guifg=Blue guibg=lightred gui=none
" Sign column
hi SignColumn guibg=White gui=none
" Sign Marker column
hi SignatureMarkText guifg=White guibg=LightBlue gui=none
" ColorColumn (as the 80 char divider)
hi ColorColumn ctermbg=lightred guibg=lightred
" Matching parameters, and vimtex matching environments.
hi MatchParen guibg=NONE guifg=blue gui=bold
" Send the Vim session to full screen.
" Fullscreen
" Undo highlights for TODO
hi! link Todo Comment
" Cursor, in a light color: avoiding the traces.
" highlight iCursor guifg=Black guibg=LightYellow
" set guicursor+=i:ver25-iCursor
" set guicursor+=i:blinkwait10
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llinfeng commented Aug 15, 2017

Dasung is a company that produces E-ink displays. Yes, such monitor is only capable of handling black and white colors.
Well, maybe something more ---- the range of gray-scale colors that are in between.

The gist defines a function that I feel proud of, which helps with using Vim on an E-ink display. It may cast the colorization of Vim into something rather weird on a LED screen. However, the adjusted colorization does most of the syntax highlighting correct.

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llinfeng commented Jun 18, 2020

Got a new Paperlike HD-FT, with solid touch input. Adjusted the script for usability on the HD-FT model (gray-scales were improved/changed as compared to the older Paperlike Pro model from 2017).

When calibrating the color schemes, :runtime syntax/colortest.vim is super helpful. The workflow of fine-tuning the color scheme, include:

  1. Call the Dasung() function to apply the existing tweaks;
  2. Run :runtime syntax/colortest.vim to open up a buffer with a good collection of color combinations for foreground/background colors. Pick the color that appears to be readable on the e-ink display.

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rbozan commented May 11, 2021

Hi, I was wondering how the above config looks like on an e-ink screen? Could you take a picture of the screen with above config please?

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llinfeng commented May 11, 2021

Here is how the color profile looks like for rendering a simple help file. The original goal was to make the thing readable. On e-ink displays, there is not much to expect as the contrast level will easily distort readability.

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@rbozan, the old link from 2017 also works.

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rbozan commented May 12, 2021

@rbozan, the old link from 2017 also works.

Ah sorry, I didn't notice. Thank you.

I was considering to buy an e-ink display, what do you think about it? Do you prefer it over the normal displays?

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Per my own usage, I only prefer to use the e-ink monitor for long reading/writing sessions. For writing, I use the customized color scheme in this gist in Vim, and type along for hours. For reading, I use Calibre Viewer to read EPUB/mobi books (this viewer allows for batch-exporting the highlights and notes). I usually pull for such sessions when my eyes "burn" after using those "normal LCD monitors" for a prolonged period of time.

Compared to my "normal monitors", the e-ink monitor is simply too small. In portrait mode, I can fit at most 60 lines with comfortable font-size. In landscape mode, there are 35 lines or so. Since tuning the syntax highlighting can only do as much with the limited gray scale levels, I hardly find myself writing any code on the e-ink monitor. Even with the perfectly tuned colorscheme, my eyes can only tell a very limited amount of gray scales.

Dasung, the company that made the e-ink monitor in the screenshot, is selling a larger 25-inch e-ink monitor. I haven't been able to get my hands on it as it is currently only sold in China.

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