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Created December 7, 2019 14:37
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An Autohotkey snippet that converts raw Markdown texts into "pastable" rich-text, for Gmail and even MS Word.
; Debugging tips
; 1. Check if pandoc is installed. If not, the best way is to install through choco.
; choco install page:
; 2. Check if `paste.exe` is available to PowerShell, same thing for `clip.exe` ==> these two are necessary Windows utilities/executable that were called with Ctrl+V and Ctrl+C
Run, PowerShell "paste.exe | pandoc -f markdown-smart --from=gfm -t HTML | Set-Clipboard -AsHtml ; echo 'Conversion done.' "
; Caveat: single quotes are pasted wrongly, as question marks.
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llinfeng commented Dec 7, 2019

With Markdown texts copied to the clipboard, typing togo and press <space>-key will trigger the script to convert those pure texts into Rich texts. This helps when I was sharing my Markdown notes in Emails or Google Forums.

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