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Lloyd Hilaiel lloyd

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]$ cat after.txt
Expected to read 4 fields from fscanf(/proc/1682//stat), but got 2.
| megabytes |
b2g 1646 0 48.4 50.8 60.3 171.4 0 root
1682 0 10.7 11.9 18.4 51.6 10 root
Homescreen 1806 18 15.6 17.3 25.4 72.7 8 app_1806
E-Mail 2152 18 17.9 20.6 30.8 85.2 11 app_2152
Calendar 2734 18 14.9 18.4 29.3 77.1 10 app_2734
Firefox Account 2823 1 13.8 16.4 25.6 68.5 2 app_2823

How to load test persona on EC2

build your environment

Let's create two virtual machines:

$ scripts/deploy.js create loader -t c1.xlarge
... (lots of output) ...
$ scripts/deploy.js create loadee -t c1.xlarge
... (lots of output) ...
lloyd / gist:3932358
Created Oct 22, 2012 — forked from vmunix/gist:3923695
Blog Draft - Tracking Down Memory Leaks in Node.JS
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#Tracking Down Memory Leaks in Node.js

This post is the first in the A Node.JS Holiday Season series from the Identity team at Mozilla, who last month delivered the first beta release of Persona. To make Persona, we built a collection tools addressing areas ranging from debugging, to localization, to dependency management, and more. This series of posts will share our learnings and tools with the community, tools which are relevant to anyone building a

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The origin should be an ASCII URL, that is, non-ASCII characters
should be normalized down to ASCII.
LH: The UA should handle idna for us. I think this is a noop.
We are relying on urlmatch.js's normalization of :80 etc, not testing
that directly (because it makes the tests hard to run). We should
verify that all URLs are being normalized in all code paths.
LH: done:
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{"_id":"00f67c9ddb85fb7c0a16c2db6eab6687","_rev":"1-044b6aceccfb72c81a95ca9f74089081","type":"failure-info","fails":{"tests/layout/reftests/bugs/9458-basic-1.html":{"lastsuccess":null,"firstfailed":{"product":"Fennec","os":"Maemo","timestamp":"2009-11-19 15:47:40.932464","_rev":"1-bc6fe18e564b8ef57ce65c69a8dd8355","tinderboxID":"1258652821.1258666170.3186.gz","fail_count":250,"build":"20091119084738","type":"test-run","pass_count":3418,"_id":"4f1ebaa66e804b642920025ba87dc088","testtype":"reftest"}},"tests/layout/reftests/backgrounds/continuous-inline-5b.html":{"lastsuccess":null,"firstfailed":{"product":"Fennec","os":"Maemo","timestamp":"2009-11-19 15:47:40.932464","_rev":"1-bc6fe18e564b8ef57ce65c69a8dd8355","tinderboxID":"1258652821.1258666170.3186.gz","fail_count":250,"build":"20091119084738","type":"test-run","pass_count":3418,"_id":"4f1ebaa66e804b642920025ba87dc088","testtype":"reftest"}},"tests/layout/reftests/generated-content/dynamic-attr-01.html":{"lastsuccess":null,"firstfailed":{"product":"Fennec","
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