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Last active November 7, 2023 21:37
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Python commands to create speaker diarisation
# ffmpeg -i foo.m4a foo.wav
from import Pipeline
pipeline = Pipeline.from_pretrained("pyannote/speaker-diarization")
diarization = pipeline("foo.wav")
# RTTM format
with open("foo.rttm", "w") as rttm:
import pandas as pd
df = pd.read_csv("foo.rttm", sep=" ", header=None, usecols=[3,4,7], names="tbeg tdur stype".split())
def td_time_format(td):
parts = td.components
return f"{parts.minutes}:{parts.seconds:02}.{parts.milliseconds:03}"
df["tbeg_fmt"] = pd.to_timedelta(df.tbeg, unit="s").apply(td_time_format)
df["tend_fmt"] = pd.to_timedelta(df.tbeg + df.tdur, unit="s").apply(td_time_format)
# Get consecutive speaker runs, or single points
# via
speaker_runs = {
speaker: [
for grp in np.split(group, np.where(np.diff(group) != 1)[0]+1)]
for speaker, group in df.groupby("stype").agg("tbeg_fmt").groups.items()
# 'Roll up' the timestamps over consecutive runs by inverting the dict
speaker_order = sorted(
[{speaker: run} for speaker, runs in speaker_runs.items() for run in runs],
key=lambda d: [*d.values()]
rollup_records = [
"tbeg": df.tbeg[start_idx],
"tdur": df.tbeg[stop_idx] + df.tdur[stop_idx] - df.tbeg[start_idx],
"stype": df.stype[start_idx],
"tbeg_fmt": df.tbeg_fmt[start_idx],
"tend_fmt": df.tend_fmt[stop_idx],
for order in speaker_order
for speaker, (start_idx, stop_idx) in order.items()
rollup_df = df.from_records(rollup_records)
# rollup_df["stype"] = rollup_df.stype.replace("SPEAKER_00", "Name0").replace("SPEAKER_01", "Name1").replace("SPEAKER_02", "Name2").replace("SPEAKER_03", "Name3")
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lmmx commented Mar 19, 2023

Hey heads up you included your auth token there, might want to delete comment and repost !

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Actually not mine, I got it from a space I copied some of the code from. I must remember to sort it in my space. Not sure yet how to work with secrets in HF spaces.

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