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Make all markdown files in directory into PDFs
# Produce PDFs from all Markdown files in a directory
# Lincoln Mullen | |
# List files to be made by finding all *.md files and appending .pdf
PDFS := $(patsubst,,$(wildcard *.md))
# The all rule makes all the PDF files listed
all : $(PDFS)
# This generic rule accepts PDF targets with corresponding Markdown
# source, and makes them using pandoc :
pandoc $< -o $@
# Remove all PDF outputs
clean :
rm $(PDFS)
# Remove all PDF outputs then build them again
rebuild : clean all
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mesbahamin commented Aug 13, 2016

Exactly what I was looking for, and I learned a thing or two about makefiles too. Thanks!

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eliaszica commented May 30, 2017

Very useful, thank you.

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