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loadedsith / input.scss
Created Oct 9, 2020
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@media (min-width: 500px) {
padding-bottom: 100px;
padding-top: 85px;
padding-bottom: 60px;
padding-top: 70px;
loadedsith / input.scss
Created Sep 16, 2020
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.foo {
.bar {
content: "a";
&.bar {
content: "b";
& .bar {
content: "c";
loadedsith /
Last active Jan 8, 2021
Save as JPG workflow instructions

I've been encountering more and more .heic and .webp files lately. It's great, these formats have significant advantages... And yet, some times you just want a JPG. I've come up with a pretty good solve. It presumes that you have imageMagick installed.

  1. Open
  2. Choose to make a new "Quick Action"
  3. Workflow receives current "Image files" in ""
  4. Add an action called "Run Shell Script"
  5. Configure action: Shell: /bin/bash, Pass input "as arguments"
  6. Paste this script
    for f in "$@"
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Kaveri Ra was separated from her family at a young age. Having lived a nomadic lifestyle until that time, moving constantly from planet to plnet, she continued in that vein after her parents vanished.
She had been serving as a wilderness guide and hunter throughout out the Outerr Rim for most of her life, when she met Hethan Romund on an expedition to a ruin on an otherwise deserted world. Over the course of that expedition Romund was curious about Kaveri's uncanny knack for spotting trouble before it happened and understanding the local wildlife, even though she'd never vistied the planet before.
Ultimately, Romund revealed the truth: Kaveri was sensitive to the Force. and her usual abilities were only the least of what she could accomplish. Romund insisted that she was capable of much more -- but that Romund herself could not teach her.
loadedsith / gist:7d75f7929295aaeb9574f9f36d78ea80
Created Aug 14, 2019
chunkwm send window to next display, wrapped
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id=$(chunkc tiling::query --monitor id);
count=$(chunkc tiling::query --monitor count);
next=$(expr $id % $count + 1)
chunkc tiling::window --send-to-monitor $next;
chunkc tiling::monitor -f $next
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<select id="voiceSelected">
<option value="Ivy">Ivy [English - American]</option>
<option value="Joanna">Joanna [English - American]</option>
<option value="Joey">Joey [English - American]</option>
<option value="Justin">Justin [English - American]</option>
<option value="Kendra">Kendra [English - American]</option>
<option value="Kimberly">Kimberly [English - American]</option>
<option value="Salli">Salli [English - American]</option>
<option value="Nicole">Nicole [English - Australian]</option>
<option value="Russell">Russell [English - Australian]</option>
loadedsith / keymap.c
Last active Nov 10, 2020
Backlight responds to layers
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bool has_layer_changed = true;
void matrix_scan_user(void) {
uint8_t layer = biton32(layer_state);
static uint8_t old_layer = 0;
if (old_layer != layer) {
has_layer_changed = true;
old_layer = layer;
loadedsith / keymap.c
Created Sep 20, 2017
Matrix_scan_user backlight layer feedback
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# Does not work.
# [...]
void matrix_scan_user(void) {
uint8_t layer = biton32(layer_state);
switch (layer) {
case _LOWER:
if(get_backlight_level() != 2)
loadedsith / keymap.c
Created Sep 20, 2017
process_record_user backlight feedback
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# Custom code begins on line 25.
# [...]
bool process_record_user(uint16_t keycode, keyrecord_t *record) {
switch (keycode) {
case QWERTY:
if (record->event.pressed) {
print("mode just switched to qwerty and this is a huge string\n");
View TextMate Copy Current File Path, Project Relative.
#!/usr/bin/env bash
[[ -f "${TM_SUPPORT_PATH}/lib/" ]] && . "${TM_SUPPORT_PATH}/lib/"
if [ -z ${TM_PROJECT_DIRECTORY+x} ]; then
echo -n "$TM_FILEPATH" | pbcopy
echo "$TM_FILEPATH"'\n Absolute path copied to clipboard'