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Create auto mount of luks encrypted volume on system start
#! /bin/sh
# create auto mount of luks encrypted volume on system start
# scripts requirements: cryptsetup (luks), awk, grep, dd
# files changed by script: /etc/crypttab, /etc/fstab
# files created by script: DRIVE_PATH (mount path)
# tested on: debian stretch
# set configuration & chmod +x this script ;) & run this script
# see: |
# list hard drives to get your DRIVE_ID
# lsblk
## <configuration>
DRIVE_ID="sda3" # drive id. see "lsblk" output
DRIVE_PATH="/media/storage1/" # path to mount drive (use / as last char)
KEY_PATH="/etc/cryptkeys/" # path to store drive key (use / as last char)
## </configuration>
if [ $(whoami) != "root" ]; then
echo "luks auto mount: root privilegs are required. do 'su'"
exit 1
echo "luks auto mount: create mount point at path ${DRIVE_PATH} for encrypted drive ${DRIVE_ID} with key ${KEY_PATH}${DRIVE_ID}"
# create key directory if not exist
if [ ! -e "${KEY_PATH}" ]; then
mkdir -p "${KEY_PATH}"
# create random key - required to unlock volumne
dd if=/dev/urandom of="${KEY_PATH}${DRIVE_ID}" bs=512 count=8
# only allow root / group to read key file
chmod 640 "${KEY_PATH}${DRIVE_ID}"
# add created key to cryptsetup for our luks device
cryptsetup -v luksAddKey "/dev/${DRIVE_ID}" "${KEY_PATH}${DRIVE_ID}"
# remove key from crypt drive and delete it with (set vars in shell before): cryptsetup -v luksRemoveKey /dev/${DRIVE_ID} "${KEY_PATH}${DRIVE_ID}" && rm ${KEY_PATH}${DRIVE_ID}
# get cryptsetup luks drive id
UUID=$(cryptsetup luksDump "/dev/${DRIVE_ID}" | grep "UUID" | awk -v N=2 '{print $N}')
# add volume to crypttab - required to automatically encrypt volume
echo "${DRIVE_ID}_crypt UUID={UUID} ${KEY_PATH}${DRIVE_ID} luks" >> /etc/crypttab
# create drive mount path if not exist
if [ ! -e "${KEY_PATH}" ]; then
mkdir -p "${DRIVE_PATH}"
# add volume to fstab - required to automatically mount the encrypted volume on system start
echo "/dev/mapper/${DRIVE_ID}_crypt ${DRIVE_PATH} ext4 defaults 0 2" >> /etc/fstab
echo "luks auto mount: reboot your system please"
exit 0
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