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Víctor Adrián lobo-tuerto

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lobo-tuerto /
Created Sep 17, 2019 — forked from goeh/
Requirements for a new Vuetify Horizontal Timeline component

Horizontal Timeline Component - requirements

Must have

User Interface

Vuetify Component

  • Follow Vuetify / Material Design look and feel
  • Compatible with Vuetify, light/dark theme.
  • Follow Vuetify conventions, naming, props, events, etc.
lobo-tuerto / a-vue-component.js
Created May 27, 2018
Base service with Axios
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import { userService } from '@/services'
# ...
created () {
this.isLoading = true = this.$

Keybase proof

I hereby claim:

  • I am lobo-tuerto on github.
  • I am lobo_tuerto ( on keybase.
  • I have a public key ASChGgIF98lEiWNINIqSu9MLbrdwKEh_kQLjlFuXavvGkgo

To claim this, I am signing this object:

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require 'optparse'
module Lotu
module Helpers
module Util
def class_debug_info
if $lotu.debug
puts "[#{}] Behavior options: #{self.class.behavior_options}\n" if self.class.respond_to? :behavior_options
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$ rake install
(in /home/oewolf/development/gamedev/github/missile-command-ruby)
Successfully built RubyGem
Name: missile-command-ruby
Version: 0.0.6
File: missile-command-ruby-0.0.6.gem
Executing "ruby -S gem install ./pkg/missile-command-ruby-0.0.6.gem":
ruby -S gem install ./pkg/missile-command-ruby-0.0.6.gem
ERROR: While executing gem ... (ArgumentError)
undefined class/module YAML::PrivateType
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oewolf@oewolf-M11x-R2:~/development/gamedev/github/missile-command-ruby$ ruby bin/missile-command-ruby
18 image(s) loaded.
1 sounds(s) loaded.
1 animation(s) loaded.
/home/oewolf/.rvm/gems/ruby-1.9.2-p136/gems/lotu-0.1.14/lib/lotu/systems/interpolation_system.rb:58:in `==': can't convert Explosion into Integer (TypeError)
from /home/oewolf/.rvm/gems/ruby-1.9.2-p136/gems/lotu-0.1.14/lib/lotu/systems/interpolation_system.rb:58:in `=='
from /home/oewolf/.rvm/gems/ruby-1.9.2-p136/gems/lotu-0.1.14/lib/lotu/systems/interpolation_system.rb:58:in `delete'
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validates_with_method :fecha_de_inicio, :method => :checa_es_dia_habil
def checa_es_dia_habil(campo)
if DiaInhabil.es_inhabil?(self.send(campo))
return [false, "No es día hábil"]
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$params = Array(
'conditions' => Array(
'or' => Array(
'' => $date,
'and' => Array(
'MONTH(' => $month,
'DAY(' => $day,
'Holidays.is_yearly' => 1
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@operaciones = all(:servicio_id =>, :tipo_de_operacion_id => @tipo_de_operacion_ids).serialize! {|i| i[:nombre] = @tipo_de_operacion.find{|to| == i[:tipo_de_operacion_id]}.nombre; i}
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property :email, String, :nullable => false, :unique => true, :format => :email_address,
:messages => {
:presence => "We need your email address.",
:is_unique => "We already have that email.",
:format => "Doesn't look like an email address to me ..."
#The messages should map to the stuff we are validating, or else the user needs to LOOK for WHAT to set
#This should be better