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Where's the mystery ship?

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Where's the mystery ship?
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localhost / BeRoEXEPacker.txt
Created Apr 30, 2012
BeRoEXEPacker release note
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BeRoEXEPacker is in the wild since mid 2006 and also was available to some folks, but until today I simply forgot to submit this thing to pouet.
For a list of the features and usage details see
It offers LZBRS, LZBRR, LZBRA, LZMA, LZBRCM and CTX1 compression. The compression method is selectable via command line parameter (default is LZMA). CTX1 is the slight modified and bugfixed algorithm from kkrunchy, which is included in BeRoEXEPacker since a few weeks.
It also can compress DLLs and has full support for TLS including TLS callbacks.
It's original purpose is the demo scene, where we need small executables, but it's also usable for general purpose as it offers a wide range of options and work modes.
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sid factory 6.03 - abusing pulse pointer (5x) as "set tempo":
14b9 sta $1600
14bc sta $1601
14bf jmp $14ce
14c2 nop
14c3 nop
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#!/usr/bin/env ruby
# find_gem - improved by freQvibez
# originally hacked by Dr Nic:
# example: mate `find_gem mongrel mongrel_cluster`
require 'rubygems'
localhost / tune_warp.rb
Created May 13, 2009
warp-o-mat: my 2nd Bloopsaphone tune (currently unfinished)
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# -=) warp-o-mat (=-
# tune coded/composed by freQvibez
# (c) 2009 Alex Brem
# exclusively for why's BloopSaphone
# from Farbrausch with ♥
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# type "webshare" to share the current directory, "webshare [PORT] /foo/bar"
# or "webshare -C /foo/bar" to share a different directory.
# use CTRL+C or /shutdown as URL to stop the server.
alias webshare='ruby -r webrick -e "include WEBrick;>ARGV[0]||8000,:DocumentRoot=>ARGV[1]||Dir::pwd);k=lambda{s.shutdown};s.mount_proc(\"/shutdown\",k);trap(:INT,k);s.start"'
localhost / The Union Strike Folk Song
Created Feb 19, 2009
"Last Exit to Springfield" (The Simpsons, S04E17)
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Song: The Union Strike Folk Song
Written by: ????
Transcribed by: J-R
This song is is The Simpsons episode when the nuclear power
plant goes on strike. Lisa plays this song on an accoustic
guitar that is capoed on the first fret.
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