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Ruby HATBM - Negative Filtering behaving strange, graph

graphiz nodes

puts { |c| "C#{} [style=filled,color=greenyellow]"  } + { |b| "B#{} [style=filled,color=lightcyan]" } + { |bc| "C#{bc.contact_id} -> B#{bc.book_id}" }
digraph G {
C1 [style=filled,color=greenyellow]
C2 [style=filled,color=greenyellow]
C3 [style=filled,color=greenyellow]
C4 [style=filled,color=greenyellow]
C5 [style=filled,color=greenyellow]
C6 [style=filled,color=greenyellow]
C7 [style=filled,color=greenyellow]
C8 [style=filled,color=greenyellow]
C9 [style=filled,color=greenyellow]
C10 [style=filled,color=greenyellow]
B1 [style=filled,color=lightcyan]
B2 [style=filled,color=lightcyan]
B3 [style=filled,color=lightcyan]
B4 [style=filled,color=lightcyan]
B5 [style=filled,color=lightcyan]
B6 [style=filled,color=lightcyan]
C1 -> B1
C2 -> B1
C1 -> B2
C2 -> B2
C3 -> B2
C4 -> B2
C4 -> B3
C5 -> B3
C6 -> B3
C3 -> B4
C4 -> B4
C5 -> B4
C6 -> B4
C1 -> B1
C10 -> B1
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