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  • there is a fixed width/height rectangle board
  • players are circles
  • every player start at size 10 let's say
  • when somebody goes off the board (player B) the last player (A) who touched player B gets half of its "weight" added
    • perimeter is pi * r**2
    • so the new perimeter is (pi * rA**2) + (pi * rB**2)/2
    • new radius is pi * r**2 = (pi * rA**2) + (pi * rB**2)/2
    • r = sqrt(((pi * rA**2) + (pi * rB**2)/2)/2)
  • acceleration is proportional to weight (so the larger the slower)
  • when touching another player forces are distributed by weight (e.g. small player can't push large player much)
  • they are bots that can easily be killed
  • anybody can join/leave anytime

artist's impression :)

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