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red chili peppers
green chili peppers
buchimgaru (pancake mix)
clam, squid
pa (green onions)
melt or wash seafood in cold saltwater, rinse, drain
mix buchimgaru: 2 cups buchimgaru 1&1/3 cup cold water, 2 eggs, 1/2 tsp salt
wash & slice onions, peppers, cut off onion roots
squeeze water out of seafoods
preheat pan with oil, pour mix
low heat
lay onions alternating heads & roots
top with seafoods & peppers
pour another 1/2-1 cup mix on top
add shil go choo (dried thinly sliced red chili pepper) on top
cook 5-7 minutes til bottom golden brown, flip
add tiny bit of veg oil
cook another 5-7 minutes
dipping sauce - 1tpbs soy sauce, 1tbs vinegar, 1tbs water, sliced red & green chili peppers
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