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Clojurepalooza homework - Sentiment scoring for words
(def test-responses [{:r 5, :c "This is awesome!"}
{:r 1, :c "This sucks!"}
{:r 3, :c "This is all right."}])
(defn clean-contents
(update-in response
(comp (partial re-seq #"[a-z]+")
(defn response->word-map
"Takes a response in format {:r Integer :c [vector of words]} and returns a map
associating each word in the response with the response's rating."
[words response]
(->> (interleave (:c response)
(repeat [(:r response)]))
(apply hash-map)
(merge-with concat words)))
(defn average-word-score
"Takes a kv pair of [word [scores]] and returns a pair of
the word and a map of ratings to probabilities that a response
containing the word has the given rating."
[word [scores]]
[word (->> (frequencies scores)
(map (fn [[k v]]
[k (/ v (count scores))]))
(into {}))])
(defn score-sentiments
"Takes a col of responses in format {:r Integer :c String} and returns a map
associating each word found in the response contents with its average rating."
(->> responses
(map clean-contents)
(reduce response->word-map {})
(map average-word-score)
(into {}))
(score-sentiments test-responses)
{"all" {3 1},
"right" {3 1},
"sucks" {1 1},
"awesome" {5 1},
"is" {3 1/2, 5 1/2}
"this" {3 1/3, 1 1/3, 5 1/3}}
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