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maraino /
Last active May 6, 2022
Create CRL index.txt
set -e
# prepare copy directory
mkdir -p /crl/db/
# clean leftovers
rm -f /crl/db/*
# make a copy of badger db
rudelm /
Last active Jul 28, 2022
Use autofs on Mac OS X to mount network shares automatically during access

Autofs on Mac OS X

With autofs you can easily mount network volumes upon first access to the folder where you want to mount the volume. Autofs is available for many OS and is preinstalled on Mac OS X so I show you how I mounted my iTunes library folder using this method.

Prepare autofs to use a separate configuration file

autofs needs to be configured so that it knows where to gets its configuration. Edit the file /etc/auto_master and add the last line:

# Automounter master map

+auto_master # Use directory service