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Last active August 29, 2015 14:15
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Javascript Room Meeting

Conclusions to the JS meeting held Feb 21st 2015

  1. Room stars in the meeting room
  2. Do not unstar previous messages upon starting a new meeting
  3. Room Challenges
  4. No more organized room challenges, instead a list of resources that are refreshed weekly hosted at
  5. Job postings within the room
  6. If it's a regular they can pin it. If it's just some programmer can pin/star for a few hours and that's it. If it gets spammy, too out of hand we can readdress.
  7. Room owners promotions/demotions
  8. Jhawins - keep as is
  9. Promotions
    1. luggage - Not at this time
    2. roel - Promoted
  10. Demotions 1. None.
  11. Should we have a room sponsored/hosted game jam?
  12. If an individual or group of individuals wants to put one together thats fine as long as they are willing to organize it.
  13. Improving the attitude towards users who use, need help with, or mention jQuery.
  14. Ignoring is fine, the room isn't the Learn how to JS room.
  15. If you're not "feeling helpful", don't try and help.
  16. Rule #1: Don't be a dick (unless it's really funny)
  17. Add a JS room specific trash room so we can untrash stuff.
  18. Trash was created is located here
  19. Should the rules page should be geared towards newcomers? Should newcomers should be expected to read it.
  20. Room description should link to rules, bot's message should be "don't ask to ask" and friends
  21. Bot message should indeed have a TL;DR rules;
  22. New chat users should get a welcome message based on criteria such as q/a ratio, rep 1. Homework for those who want the feature: Convince the room (well, @zirak), make a list of criteria and what they entail about the person.
  23. Current room status - Did we address the concerns brought up last meeting, were there improvements or issues since?
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